född: 2002 Uppfödare: Classix'
hingst brun
Ägare: Classix'
e: Belle Reve's Voodoo Magic (R) Sultan's Great Day (R) Supreme Sultan (R)
Supreme's Casindra (R)
The Magic Moment (R) Mr. Magic Man (R)
Ribbonette (R)
u: Callaway's Northern Gale ASBMS 01/05
     1996 fux
Callaway's Blue Norther (R) CH Will Shiver (R)
Royally Blue (R)
Callaway's Country Gal (R) Hide-A-Way's Wild Country (R)
Connie Gillen (R)
Registrerade avkommor:
2007 - Classix' Who What ASBMH 11/07, isabell hingst u: Classix' Think Pink ASBMS 09/99
2007 - Classix' Who Did That ASBMS 03/07, fux tobiano sto u: Classix' Nincompoop ASBMS 07/98
2007 - Classix' Bling Bling ASBMS 04/07, mörkbrun sto u: Classix' Miss TL Toe ASBMS 08/98
2009 - Classix' Viva Las Vegas ASBMS 05/09, isabell tobiano sto u: Classix' In The Pink ASBMS 02/06
2013 - Classix' Bazinga ASBMH 01/13, brun hingst u: Classix' Pussycat Doll ASBMS 03/06
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