född: 1998 Uppfödare: Anne-Li Mell
hingst cremello
Breyer 50th Anniversary Clock OF
Ägare: Anne-Li Mell
e: SP Fancy That ASBMH 14/96
     1993 amber champagne
OMA's Blue Moon (M) Moonshadow (M)
Lady of Fashion (M)
Dandelion Wine (M) So Proudly We Hail (R)
(Mantic) Manhattan (M)
u: Debutant's Contribution ASBMS 02/99
     1994 leverfux tobiano
Highland's Maiden Rex ASBMH 01/96
     1987 fux tobiano
Grandhill Rollicking Jay (M)
Grandhill Speakeasy (M)
Delicate Debutante ASBMS 03/99
     1989 skimmel (född fux)
Crabtree Noontime Spender ASBMH 01/90
     1982 brun
Diamond Debutante ASBMS 01/96
     1977 skimmel (född fux)
Registrerade avkommor:
2003 - Requiem Melody ASBMS 01/09, fux sto u: Pale Companion ASBMS 28/00
          2008 - Emerald's Queen Of The Earth ASBMS 02/09, svart tobiano sto e: Classix' Forty Winks ASBMH 07/98
          2009 - Emerald's Princess Of The Sea ASBMS 03/09, svart tobiano sto e: Classix' Forty Winks ASBMH 07/98
2005 - Eldsken ASBMS 08/12, fux sto u: Limelight (M)
2010 - Invisible Kiss Z ASBMS 01/16, golden champagne sabino sto u: Kiss Of Shadows ASBMS 13/04
2011 - Christmas Candle Z ASBMS 01/13, fux sabino sto u: Secret Light
2012 - Sniper's Bluff ASBMS 01/14, golden champagne sto u: Sounding Stillness ASBMS 32/00
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